We might all be defrosting our cars in the morning but no need for that here at our garden wedding location! We have a couple of heaters to make sure you and your guests stay warm in this frosty weather. Have that outside wedding that you always wanted while your guests stay toasty warm under our awning and under our heaters. Stop on by for a tour of our garden during business hours. But save your date early, we are almost completely booked for this weekend.

It’s the end of the year! As the holidays wrap up, so are our weddings.  This is the last weekend of the year we are open and we are completely booked up!  This past spring and summer we invested a lot of time cleaning up the garden and making sure we had flowering plants in more places.  We also added some cute details for some fun pictures. A lot has happened this last year and has made our garden better than it has ever been.  Thank you to everyone that has chosen our location to get married in and thank you to everyone that has decided to make us a part of their wedding.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Over the years we have had many different types of weddings at our location.  We do not discriminate between couples regarding gender, sexual orientation, nationality, legal status, age, or religion. Some couples exchange vows they have written, poems with special meanings, or proceed without them. Some couples choose to exchange wedding rings and others do not.  There have been additions to weddings such as coins, a rosary, or a candle unity lighting, just ask if we can accommodate something special for you during your ceremony. Some couples have dressed up in traditional customs and one even had a Dia de los Muertos theme wedding on Dia de los Muertos. With another couple, the groom serenaded his bride with a song he wrote and sung to her after they wedded to describe the love he had for her and how happy she made him.

Welcome to our beautiful garden location in San Jose, California.  If you are getting married or know someone who is please stop by and ask us for a tour of the garden.  We have married thousands of couples, and hundreds of those weddings have taken place in our garden. If you cannot stop by during business hours during the week, feel free to give us a call so we can help you with your big day.