Wow! Can you believe that fall starts next week? Last time we had a post is was the beginning of Spring.

As you can tell it has been a busy Spring and Summer. We had numerous calls and visits by many people who wanted to get married. Looking back, we married someone on every day of the week we are open. These past few months of Saturdays were some busy times.

The best part of all of this was seeing how happy everyone was on their big day. Those with tears in their eyes during their ceremony would almost make us cry.

Now that spring is here and the sun is out and we finally have some warm weather our garden is starting to bloom! Colors and flowers are appearing everywhere on the trees, vines, pots, and plants.

People seem to know now is a good time to get married. Who wouldn’t want to with all the wonderful flowers and colors that are out now.

Last weekend we had a booked Saturday with back to back weddings all day. There was two location weddings as well.

Did you know we can come to your house or location on a Saturday afternoon?

This week we have weddings on four of the six days we are open. This Saturday is also busy with location weddings.

What a way to get Spring started!

It’s the beginning of March and you know what that means? Wedding season is upon us! All over the radio, TV, internet you are hearing and seeing the ads for wedding conventions, engagement rings, photographers, etc. But where to have the wedding? And how can you afford a wedding in the bay area when you and your significant other are not making over 100K a year, EACH! Look no further, we can help. Yes, you can go to the court house. And stand in line and wait for your number to be called along with whomever else is in the building. But you don’t have to. You can even run away to Las Vegas or Reno but you don’t have to! We are an affordable alternative. Have your small ceremony in our lovely garden. Invite your small group for your ceremony. Then do whatever you want for your reception!

We can help make your dreams come true and not break the bank. Have your wedding officiated. Have a beautiful surrounding. Have someone else buy your license and file it. Have it all! Well, almost. What you wear and any rings you want are your choice. The reception is all up to you. But we can and will help you make your wedding as special as you want it.

Now that March is here we are getting more and more calls and emails about dates and times from now until September. So let us know how we can make your day special and we will!

Today Jose Luis and Victoria got married in our garden. They were joined by their family and friends. It was a brisk afternoon for their evening wedding. You too could be married in our garden during the week or on a Saturday.